Narcotics Detector Kit

The Narcotics Detector Kit is A Diagnostic Analytical Rapid Detection Kit, For the detection of multi drugs out of one box.narcotics detector2

Development Background

  • The Narcotics Detector Kit was developed by dedicated scientists qualified in the forensic and biochemistry fields with the specific targets in mind. i.e. Law Enforcement Schools, Parents, Airports, Borders, Customs, Corporates, Armed Forces and wherever it may be utilised.
  • They developed a high quality and cost-effective Narcotics/drug test kit suitable for anyone and any purpose.
  • The kit is easy to use and extremely accurate.
  • Currently, it is the only kit in the world that can detect any of the common narcotics on any surface in one swipe. It is also the only kit in the world currently that will detect narcotics in any format.
  • In addition, The Narcotics Detector Kit can be used to detect raw drugs directly, be it Powders, Tablets, Crystals, Rocks, Pastes, Plants, etc… a benefit not possible with other current rapid drug detection tests.

Drug Investigation Challenges:

  •  We are all aware of the difficulties that Law Enforcement faces with the investigation of Narcotics/Drug Crimes
  • Narcotics/Drugs don’t have the obvious appearance of items like firearms, explosives or other evidence that may be easily identified by officer
  • Narcotics/Drug offenders always leave trace amounts of drugs on everything they touch: Cell phones, clothing, packages, school bags, luggage handles, desktops, computer keyboards, toilet seat covers, etc…
  • Unfortunately these traces are often invisible or unidentifiable by the naked eye
  • The laboratory equipment (Gas Chromatograph) requires specialised training, is expensive and not portable.
  • Law Enforcement needs tools to enable them to identify powders, liquids, or other substances containing illegal substances

Drug Investigation Solution:

  •  The Narcotics Detector Kit is the solution to many challenges that Law Enforcement, Parents, Companies, Society, faces in investigating and fighting against these Narcotics/Drug Problems and Crimes
  • A persons constitutional rights are not breached as this is a non-interventional test – no urine, no blood, no saliva need be used
  • Having said this, The Narcotics Detector Kit can also be used for type of fluids if necessary. (urine, saliva, blood, and any other fluid or liquid).
  • Detecting drugs on any surface and in any format is unique and exclusive to the current The Narcotics Detector Kit technology, which is unique in the world.
  • The test is designed to delineate and confirm illicit drug use in specific environments such as schools, clubs, businesses, and so on… outside of a laboratory environment.
  • Trace amounts of narcotics/drugs can now be detected on any surface suspected using The Narcotics Detector Kit.
  • Only a few nanograms (ten billionth of a gram!) of the illicit drugs are needed to be wiped from the suspected surface by following the easy instructions enclosed in the kit box.
  • A person’s constitutional rights are not breached by a The Narcotics Detector Kit test as it is non-interventional – no urine, no blood, need be used. Samples of the subject’s saliva or other personal items can be tested.
  • Having said this, The Narcotics Detector Kit can also be used for these very fluids (urine, saliva, blood…) if necessary.


  • Faster Window of Detection
  • Results in only 10 minutes. Laboratory tests may take months and years.
  • Immediate negative results mean cost-effective decisions not to pursue further actions – a real costly exercise currently when suspicious powders or tablets are unknown and therefore required to be duly processed at huge cost to government agencies or anyone else for that matter..
  • Any environment, any surface can be checked for illicit Narcotics/drugs.
  • All these benefits come out of one box named, NARCOTICS DETECTOR!


  • Investigators can now check any suspicious material to confirm whether they are illicit drugs. This will save further sampling time and chain of evidence paperwork in getting the suspicious material to the Forensic lab, when in fact some tested material is not illicit drugs in the first place.
  • Investigators can now pre-confirm any drug at the point of seizure and therefore have the knowledge of what specific drug to test for at the Forensic laboratory, saving time and money in running all the different costly drug standards on the Gas Chromatograph in order to correlate the sample given with the drug standard.
  • CAT and TIK, can now be detected in a rapid test to confirm the investigator’s suspicions.


  • Roadblocks can now be more effectively manned for Narcotics/drug detection.
  • Suspicious persons can be checked by swiping their clothes, boot space, steering wheel, gear knob, saliva, skin on fingers, etc…
  • Persons that test “negative” on an Alco meter test, may test positive on a drug test and face arrest for Drug Driving.
  • Suspicious materials such as tablets, powders, liquids, resins, plants or pastes can now be checked directly for confirmation of suspicion.
  • Negative results allow the investigator not to waste further time and money processing irrelevant substances.


Near term

  • The Narcotics Detector Kitis a rapid 10-minute test that will deliver accurate results for any drug in any format.
  • No other rapid detector currently on the market has these function out of just a single box.

Long term

  • There is a saving in investigators time, and in knowing a result immediately, instead of waiting months, even years for a result from Forensic lab at a very high cost to government and individuals.
  • Drug dealing and Drug addiction can finally be succumbed using The Narcotics Detector Kitbecause it controls the environment and can check for traces of drugs anywhere and at any time.


  • For government agencies only, and for bulk orders only, NCIS – Narcotics Criminal Investigative Services (PTY) Ltd, developer of The Narcotics Detector Kit will subsidize costs in an effort to deliver product below the market price.


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