Drug Testing


NARCOTICS DETECTOR is the leader in the field.

Home drug testing: Our homes and families are increasingly at risk from the destructive effects of drugs. NARCOTICS DETECTOR can be used to test surfaces in the home such as computers, telephones, and door knobs to determine whether there is contamination from drug abuse or trafficking. Whether you have suspect powder, dust, paste, liquids or tablets, you can test them all to see if your suspicions are right.

  • Test homes before you buy or rent.
  • Test children’s or family members cars or bedrooms.
  • Keep the NARCOTICS DETECTOR sample for confirmation at a laboratory if you wish.


NARCOTICS DETECTOR can be used for mass screening as well.

Our most precious asset, children, are increasingly under pressure to participate in illegal drug use and are exposed to drug trafficking at ever younger ages. The surface test can be administered after school hours so as not to impact the students or interfere with their day to day education. Use NARCOTICS DETECTOR to provide data on the risks at hand.

  • Teachers and students.
  • Buses and all district vehicles can be tested.


NARCOTICS DETECTOR will help keep your workplace drug-free.

Surface drug testing in the workplace: The U.S. has 10 million documented illicit drug users in the workplace. This figure is probably 10 fold higher in realistic undocumented terms. Use NARCOTICS DETECTOR as a cost effective security to your business.

  • No workplace is too big or small.
  • Localize testing to areas that are hot-spots(eg. toilet covers)
  • Set re-occurring timelines for re-assessment
  • Company vehicles can also be tested.
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