Suicidal Thoughts and Alcohol Abuse: Tackling Both Problems Head On

Whether it’s at your sibling’s wedding or happy hour at the local pub, drinking is a pretty common pastime in American life. When handled responsibly, …

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Horrific images of drug-users eaten alive

Sunday, Aug 31st 2014 8PM  11°C 11PM  8°C 5-Day Forecast Horrific images of drug-users eaten alive by flesh-eating illness caused by homemade heroin substitute that has arrived on American shores …

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The Full Impact of Drug Abuse

There are definite consequences that affect us all due to illegal drug use. Drug use and abuse most definitely has a major impact on a …

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Drug Testing

AT HOME: NARCOTICS DETECTOR is the leader in the field. Home drug testing: Our homes and families are increasingly at risk from the destructive effects …

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Non-Invasive Drug Testing in its most discreet format

This detection technology can detect invisible residues left behind by the illegal drug production activity. NARCOTICS DETECTOR has a sensitivity in nanograms for detection – …

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