(Marijuana, Grass, Hashish)





The drug is extracted from the female hemp plant (Cannabis sedative) and is the most widely distributed illegal drug. The compressed resin from the plant is known as hashish (active substance content 2 – 20%). Grass, or Marijuana, consists of the flowers of the female plant and is less potent (active substance content 0 – 8 %). Extraction of hashish or grass yields oil ( active substance content20 – 60%).


Cannabis originated in Central Asia. Hashish has been known for approximately 5000 years and has been used since then as a healing plant and as an intoxicant. Areas of distribution are: Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Morocco, Lebanon and Turkey.


Cannabis is normally smoked or taken orally. The frequently alleged hallucinations occur only rarely.


The effect lasts for 2 to 4 hours.

Detection in Urine:    

2 – 14 days; in the case of extensive use over a longer period, up to 80 days.

Potential Dependence and Physical Harm:  

Potential physical dependence: NONE
Potential psychic dependence: MEDIUM

  • Cannabis does not lead to physical dependence and, apart from effects of smoke in the lungs, does not cause any physical harm. (THC is almost non-toxic). Lung damage through cannabis smoking is low compared with that caused by smoking tobacco. However, it can lead to psychic dependence and very long-term extensive use can produce personality changes.


Hashish , grass, hashish oil, and mixtures with tobacco can all be detected with NARCOTICS DETECTOR.

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