Amphetamines & Methamphetamines

(Ecstacy, Cat, Tik, Speed)




Amphetamines are manufactured synthetically, normally as tablets, capsules or powder, seldom in a pure state, mostly diluted with starch, lactose, glucose, calcium carbonate, mannitol or sorbitol.


Amphetamine was first synthesized in 1880. MDMA was patented in 1914 and used as an appetite suppressant. MDMA was never brought onto the market because of its strange side-effects. In 1970 it was rediscovered in America and used as a medication for psychiatric patients. Since that time, MDMA has been misused as a drug, also under the name “Ecstacy”, initially in America, then in the UK, and to a strongly increasing extent in continental Europe. Today it is regarded as “ the fun and good mood drug”. New chemical derivatives with a similar effect are continually being designed in order to circumvent national narcotics legislation.


Amphetamines are normally swallowed in the form of tablets or capsules. Occasionally the powder is sniffed or the substance injected intravenously.


The effect lasts for 2 to 6 hours.

Detection in Urine:

2 to 3 days

Potential Dependence and Physical Harm:  

Potential physical dependence: LOW
Potential psychic dependence: MEDIUM

  • The toxicity of amphetamines is approximately 500mg.
  • An acute danger associated with Ecstacy is that the drug inactivates danger signals in the affected person.
  • Dehydration, increased blood pressure and the increase in body temperature (up to 41deg C) can lead to liver and kidney failure and death. Several fatal collapses and states of exhaustion caused through misuse of Ecstacy have already been documented. Because Ecstacy tablets are often mixed with other substances or drugs (LSD) it is very difficult to estimate the potential dependence or physical harm.
  • Damage to the central nervous system as a result of repeated use of Ecstacy cannot be excluded.


Amphetamines, methamphetamines , and their derivatives speed, tik, cat, can all be detected with NARCOTICS DETECTOR.

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